Thought Prague was the only city worth seeing in the Czech Republic?是吗?Stuart Wadsworthheads to the lively student town of Olomouc,in beer-loving Moravia,在那里辉煌的巴洛克式建筑是幸福的,没有受到英国雄鹿党的污染。

多年来,,请Prague已经完全控制了旅游业捷克共和国,请如此之多以至于大多数其他城镇,至少不公平地说,put in the shade.Even Lonely Planet has changed the name of its betway88官网guide to ‘Prague and the Czech Republic',把一半以上的出版物投入首都。小声地说,but Olomouc may just be the hip new choice to go in Czech for those weary of Prague's sugar-coated sights.A lively student town with a population of around 100,000,Olomouc lies in central Moravia in the eastern half of Czech,roughly half way between Prague and克拉科夫.As the erstwhile Moravian capital,the town retains a sense of regional importance without ever feeling flashy.Locals are rightly proud of their graceful old town which dates from the 11th century;然而,外国游客的涓涓细流让这里感到很荣幸地发现了这样一块未经评估的宝石。



After Prague,Olomouc has the second largest and second oldest preservation zone in the Czech Republic.Most visitors will find themselves drawn to Horni Namesti (Upper Square),里面有很多建筑景观。The splendid 15th century baroque Town Hall in the centre of the square with a tapering tower features a highly unusual astronomical clock on one side,almost completely destroyed by the Nazis and remodeled during Communist years to display scenes of proletarians at work to mark the passing hours rather than saints.就在这对面是UNESCO-listed Holy Trinity Column,请a magnificent 18th century monument ornately decorated with sculptures of various saints.它被认为是中欧最大的单一巴洛克式建筑。穿过下广场,east to the old city walls through pretty Bezruc Park – ideal for a picnic or romantic stroll – and up to the city's grandest church,这个Wenceslas Cathedral,请dating from 1131 but rebuilt in the 19th century in neo-gothic style.The nearby bishops' Premysl Palace is also well worth a look,尤其是其令人印象深刻的15世纪壁画。Another church just to the west of here and past the university buildings – St Michael's – is recommended for a climb of its bell-tower and superb views of the city.从这里走一小段路令人印象深刻奥洛莫克艺术博物馆which features three levels of excellent contemporary Czech painting and sculpture.

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Olomouc gradually reveals its layers and pays spending time just strolling around and soaking up the atmosphere,发现它的魅力。Its parks and botanic gardens are well worth seeing,虽然郊区有一个不同寻常的建筑项目,where an old grain silo has been converted into a family house.One of Czech's draw cards is of course its beer,and dropping into any of the countless cafes and bars to sample a brew or two is a must.One of the best in town is斯瓦托瓦茨基·皮沃瓦,请一个微型啤酒厂,也有一个啤酒水疗中心,你可以在一个啤酒浴放松一个小时!Moravia isn't only famous for its beer though,producing decent local wines too,which can be sampled in one of the many ‘vinarna' (wineries) around town for a fraction of the price in western Europe.

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Another Czech passion is ice-hockey,奥洛莫克有一支相当不错的球队和体育场,如果你在冬天来的话,你可能会去看一场比赛,希望比赛能爆发。Further afield,漫步到镇的东北部,穿过莫拉瓦河,您将到达Hradisko Monastery,请一座美丽的巴洛克式建筑,whilst bus 11 from the train station takes you to Svaty Kopecek (Holy Hill),rising to the east of the town,containing another splendid monumental church and giving great views of the city and its surrounds.A short walk from here isthe city zoo,请包含300多种物种,以及可爱的森林,如果你想探索周围的环境,它们提供了无数的行走机会。租辆自行车来这里是个不错的主意,因为这里的道路通常很安静,自行车也很方便。A great day trip would be to赫尔夫斯汀城堡,请奥洛莫克以东约40公里处的一座小山上的一处奇妙的浪漫废墟。

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As if they needed an excuse to drink beer,Olomouc and its citizens are treated toa four-day beer festivalat the end of every June.Visitors can expect to be regaled by over 40 musical performers to accompany their quaffing of the frothy stuff.Also taking place in June,每年的奥洛莫克市庆典,在历史的选美中,battle re-enactments,traditional dancing and local music are offered for a family-oriented weekend.这个Bohemia Jazz Festivalcomes to town every July,在那里可以看到捷克爵士乐的精华,whist theBaroque festival将在耶稣会修道院的日常演出中展示巴洛克歌剧的节选。有几个奥洛莫克花卉展一年四季,and the annual air show at Neredin airfield is also worth catching every August.

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While Olomouc generally lacks good budget accommodation,and specifically any kind of hostel scene,优秀的舒适的街角旅馆不仅弥补了这一点。Centrally located,right on the edge of the old town,it is one of the best hostels in central Europe.Comprising two dorm rooms and four privates,all decorated with stylish old-school wooden furniture,it is reasonably priced at between 10 and 15 Euro a night.Run by friendly,知识渊博的员工,旅社也是提供当地信息的最佳场所,关于在奥洛莫克看到和做什么的提示和想法。If you are searching for something a bit upmarket,look no further than theHotel Arigone,请大学区的一家很棒的小精品酒店,有木横梁,镶木地板和时尚家具,配有舒适的酒吧。位于18世纪的一座建筑中,它散发着班级和气氛,而且还是合理的,每人40欧元左右的早餐。

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While it is hard to argue Olomouc can compete with Prague on the culinary front,it still punches above its weight for a small Czech town.A great place for a large lunchtime buffet feed isThe Crack– an Irish pub serving up excellent authentic Nepalese food,cooked by a Nepalese chef.晚上点菜也不错。对于传统的捷克车费,,请Hanacka Hospoda是个不错的选择,with enough fried cheese,goulash,dumplings and sausages to sink a ship.Drapal,请另一个两层的胃吧,serves much the same function,as does the afore-mentioned Svatovaclavsky Piwowar.Be sure to try the locally-produced pungeant Olomoucké syrečky cheese.A slightly classier option isU Andela,请an atmospheric place serving Moravian specialities decorated with all manner of bric-a-brac like old typewriters and sewing machines.It also serves great beer.If it's a nice coffee and a cake you're after,trycafé 87,请当地著名的巧克力派,空气清新宜人。为了在城里能看到最好的风景,head to Konvikt,从一个阳台俯瞰城墙。More upscale,,请Primavesi别墅,请also doubles as an art gallery and boasts fantastic terrace views out over the city walls too,so you can dine like a king.


Drop In

There seems to be a boom in teahouses in Olomouc,因为三个人出现在老城区南部的同一地区。为了我的钱,,请阿萨米卡是最好的,with a relaxed Oriental vibe.对于酒吧,除了典型的摩拉维亚氛围外,你还被宠坏了,你应该退房Ponorka(aka Submarine bar),somewhat of a local institution and centre for local gossip,animated discussion and general revelry.U Kudejais a little way out of the centre but serves an array of Czech micro-brews on tap and has a characteristic Czech bar atmosphere,虽然莫里茨produces its own beers on the premises and is another lively place for a pint or three.为了更生动的东西,,请地铁眩晕provide a typically grungy student appeal,while for music buffs theTibet Jazz Club是当地乐队演奏爵士乐的新的舒适场所,blues,摇滚乐或瑞格舞。U-klub,请to the east of the old town,双打作为一个活跃的夜总会和音乐场所。

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Getting There

The closest international airport is Brno,but practically speaking Prague is the best option with many destinations offering cheap budget flights with the likes of Easyjet and Ryanair.From Prague,the express train takes about 2-3 hours and runs several times a day.Significant train reductions can be had for bookings of two or more.From Bratislava in Slovakia you'll need to change in Brno;如果你在Cieszyn下火车或公共汽车,从Krakow来会便宜很多,walk over the border and get a train from the Czech side.

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The hit-and-miss resource has a very informative page onOlomouc,请while the excellent Czech site in English网址:www.discoverczech.comhas many hints and ideas about Olomouc and the surrounding area in general.


The Rough betway88官网Guide to Czech has sadly been discontinued,but the ever-reliable Lonely Planet still exists for Czech,即使它已成为布拉格中心。America's safest travel writer Rick Steves has written an alleged travel betway88官网guide calledEurope Through the Back Doorwhich includes Olomouc.任何一个到捷克共和国的严肃旅行者都不应该没有弗兰兹·卡夫卡或米兰·昆德拉在他们的口袋里;(二)The Trialby Kafka is a brilliant parable about living in a totalitarian bureaucratic nightmare,虽然笑话在共产主义时期巧妙地讽刺捷克。雅罗斯拉夫哈塞克The Good Soldier Svejkis a comic classic about a soldier who defects from the army during WW1 and comes up against an implacable state machine.More light reading can be had in the form of Terje B Englund's简而言之,捷克,请which answers questions as varied as why Czech men are partial to wearing socks with sandals and why Czech women are not averse to extra-marital affairs…

Silver Screen

Not much in the way of Hollywood blockbusters have been set in Olomouc,但这位澳洲裔美国导演埃德加G。乌尔默was born here… famous for his classic horror movie黑猫.

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